Calling Card Hidden Fees

Some of the common terms used by the sellers of the online phone cards include the terms like; calling cards with hidden fees and many more, which are explained below.

1. Hidden fees

Various charges along with the hidden fees are responsible for decreasing the number of minutes every time one makes calls.

2. Connection fee

It is responsible for decreasing the talk-time in a call. Despite being featured as ‘no connection fee' the other hidden fees and maintenance charges might be responsible for decreasing the talk time during a call.

3. Maintenance charge

This fee is applicable after the first use of the card. Sometimes the talk-time is decreased even on daily basis. However, in other cases this fee may be applied on weekly basis and one might end up using their balance before the talk-time can be deducted. These cards should be used within a short period of time.

4. Service fee

This fee might be charged every time a call is placed. The amount of money billed depends on the destination where the call is made. It may sometimes leads to decrease the talk-time as it is not included in the posted minutes.

5. Call increment

Allows the customers in understanding how the time interval will be billed. Some of the cards may have varying call increments depending on the call destination. A three minute increment means, even if one has talked for less than three minute the amount equivalent to three minute talk-time will be deducted from the balance.